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Tame hard-knock guardians and conquer Wall of Wonders!

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Action-packed Gameplay

Fantasy Squad is an extreme action RPG that lets you experience a dynamic real-time combat with over 500,000 squad combinations. Dominate the guardians and conquer the world. Synergize blood pact and awaken abilities. Gear up your squad for an ultimate battle with great randomizes weapon, armor or jewelry. Defeat all possessed characters and make them part of your squad. Summon your chosen guardian to diminish all enemies and even hard-hitting bosses for each level.

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★ Stand tall to be humanity's last hope!
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★ Get CRAZY with 500,000 possible Team Combination!

★ Immerse your senses with Immense Story and Character Depth!

★ The Ultimate Fantasy Squad - Strategy & Plot!

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★ Real Time Battle FEVER!

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